Cast a glance

Every now and then I feel it is important to glance over your shoulder. It reminds us of how far we have come and the adversity we have faced. We are survivors.
That’s a big deal!
But while the past is important to remember, don’t take up permanent residence there. Or else you may find that you wont appreciate where you are now or where you are heading.
Keep one foot firmly planted in front of the other. The future is where you want to be.


Life Musings

I have a friend who when walking through my garden immediately points out the dead, toxic and straggly looking plants. He notices the parched lawn and how it will struggle to come up next winter. He grabs a handful of dead leaves covering the wild jasmine  vine and scrunches them, allowing them to drop to the ground. What does this say about his thinking  I wonder?

The lawn is dry but not dead. We cannot see the roots of all plants but does not mean we discard them. Those dry  leaves covering the vine are actually protecting it from the harsh sun. And though some plants maybe toxic to us, they have theirmums pics from phone 090 place in the garden as almost everything does.

Even the desert, as barren as it seems, is an oasis overflowing with life. It has not a lot to do with what you see but how you see.

Perception is everything.

My girls.

My girls are my herd of cows, 16 to be exact. I adore them though they are not your conventional cows, rather a herd of black and white splotches on a metal, rusting body with boggle eyes that move when you move the animal itself. But they are my girls and  they bring me great comfort and company while I potter around my garden.

I love my garden. I love the outdoorsiness and the business and the colour that comes with owning such space. There is always new discoveries to  be made, delight when the plant you thought had died sprouts tender new shoots, and the feeling that new life is all around me. With my dogs at my side and my girls surrounding me, life in my garden is a most glorious way to spend my time.

Each year my girls have their Xmas photo taken where they patiently dress up in tinsel and Xmas hats, and gather in a circle, or in pairs as if in readiness to pull a sleigh. I don’t own a sleigh of course but this year I was considering using the one handed wheelbarrow full of dying mint as a prop. In the end we decided on a circle with their Xmas hay in the middle. Yes, real hay which I bought two years ago from a feed store rather cheaply for them. So cheap I bought two bags full and they still have some left for this years Xmas.

So that is my girls, who I adore and being female I have combined my love of horse racing and named them all after a famous race mare. From Bresies to Black Caviar, and Light Fingers to mares from my past such as Mauds Sentiment and Storm Joy. And because they can be tricky to tell apart, I have cheated and written their names in permanent texta underneath each one. Not very animal friendly, but these are my girls and I know they don’t mind a bit.

Two dollars of joy

What’s up with these $2 machines, the ones with the plastic bubbles encasing a toy of some sort? I can not resist them. If I know I lack the $2 coin in my purse I will walk past forlornly. Many times. Until I have that $2 and then I will pause at the machine, as if I had never seen it before and experience the excitement all over again. I put the $2 into the machine, turning the large plastic handle until my coin disappears and the plastic bubble with toy inside magically drops down into the catchment at the bottom. I buy them for my son or really for myself. Though my son doesn’t care for them he puts up with them and says ‘Oh mum’ while the ‘me’ in me glows with sweet satisfaction for another day. Until I pass another machine and start the process all over again.

First Blog

Hi All and Welcome

My very first Blog is just a few words to welcome you to my page which is under construction.  With the support of my  friends I am hoping to get my page up and running in the next week or so. This is so exciting for me!

This is where I will share my dreams, and hopefully share in  yours also. Where I can post my  feelings and my world and  share in yours too.

Here I will share  my writing including prose,personal views on everything from family, books, lifes little and big happenings, current affairs and also my inspirations – from others and for you and hopefully I will connect with many of you in the process.

So welcome to Manic Musings, welcome to my world and welcome to the New Year where I hope all the dreams you have been daring to picture will realise themselves in to action.


Love and Faith